Hue Lights - v4.0 Timers

Create multiple light and group timers! ⏲

You can create multiple timers on individual lights and groups that turn lights on or off, fade lights and apply effects. The timers range from 1 minute up to 60 minutes. Each running timer shows the time remaining in the Lights and Groups dashboard screens. The Basic Actions are available for free and include Fade off, Turn off, Fade on, and Turn on. Premium actions in the initial release include sunset, holiday, police, salmon run, calm, club, harvest, galaxy, unwind, and blink.

Tap the timer icon at the lower right of any light or group square cell. This will display a pop-up screen showing the selected device, time and current action. Tap any of the 5 numbers in the small circles to use a pre-configured time. You can also use the + or - buttons to increment or decrement timer minutes. Tap the bottom center of the pop-up to change the action from its default Fade off to any available action. After picking the time and action tap the Start button to start the timer. When you tap this button rules and schedules are created on your Philips Hue bridge, so the timer will keep running even when you leave your home or power off your iPhone.

When timers are active the Lights and Groups screens give real-time updates showing the current colors, brightness values and time remaining. If you want to stop a timer, tap on the square light or group cell until the pop-up appears again. You may have to tap a few times to see the pop-up because of screen refreshes. Tap Stop at the lower right of the pop-up to stop a timer before its expiration. If you let the timer expire, the rules and schedules are removed. This keeps your Philips Hue bridge in optimal shape.

Animate your lights with holiday colors 🎄

Use the Holiday action to cycle between red and green colors every 10 seconds. Timers can run from 1 minute to 60 minutes. You can start the same Holiday timer on multiple lights and groups at the same time for nice effects. Try some of these Philips Hue hardware devices with your timers:

Philips Hue Hardware


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