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Here are several products that work well with the Hue Lights app. Note that these links refer to products that work in the United Kingdom. There are separate pages for products that work in other regions:

Latest Hardware

The most recent lights are Generation 3 with Richer Colours displayed on the retail box. These use the same color gamut as Hue Lightstrip Plus and Hue Go. They will have more saturated blues and greens.

Several new devices were released in October 2016. This new batch of hardware includes the popular Hue motion sensor. There are also generation 3 Hue bulbs with more saturated colors (similar to Lightstrip Plus, Bloom, Iris, and Hue Go). Light fixtures with embedded Hue LED components are also available. If you want to get the latest generation, make sure the outside of the package shows the "Richer colors" logo towards the upper right of the box. The generation 3 bulbs have improved blue, cyan, and green colors. Make sure to use the Hue Lights app to get the perfect color combination! The deeper blue and green colors make the Hue Lights "Water" effect look great.

Try the Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 bulbs to get a range of dimmable, white lights. These bulbs allow you to set various shades of white from warm to cool.

On October 6, 2015 Philips released their HomeKit compatible bridge along with new A19, BR30, and PAR16 bulbs. The LightStrip Plus was also released with brighter light output (1600 lumens at 4200K), a white channel (useful for relax, concentrate and other white-channel scenes), and an extension kit. With the extension kit you should get consistent colors for lengths up to 10 meters (32.8 feet). You can control this new hardware or any of your existing hardware with the new Hue Dimmer Switch.

LightstripPlus Installation Tip - If you are installing the latest Lightstrip Plus in your kitchen as under-cabinet lighting, an extension cable can help connect the left and right sides. For example, you may need a non-lit section over a stove or range.

Hue Lights takes the latest Philips Hue A19 LED bulbs for a test drive. Compare the bulbs side by side!

Supported Hardware

Expand your Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Set with a variety of compatible Friends of Hue products. These high quality items from Philips offer the perfect complement to your Starter Set and all work great with the Hue Lights app. The LightStrips and Bloom items give deeper saturation than the regular A19 or BR30 bulbs. They are perfect for accent lighting including over counter ceiling accents. The Hue Lux is similar to the colored A19 bulb, but just supports dimming with a 2700K color temperature; it is usually about 1/3 the price of the colored A19 bulb.

ZigBee Light Link Hardware

Hue Lights works with third-party products that support the ZigBee Light Link standard. The app has been tested with products from Philips Hue, Cree, OSRAM, and dresden elektronic. These other ZigBee products can be a great complement to your original Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Set. The European version of the OSRAM Lightify products works out of the box with Hue.

If you are looking for longer light strips, take a look at the 3 meter (9.8 feet) light strips from dresden elektronik. These are 50% longer than the Philips LightStrips and support RGB strips. The bundled strip is RGB, but the controller even supports RGBW strips. Live the future today with Hue Lights!

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